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Idea Design

Vertex's industrial designers will generate line and thumbnail drawings while exploring different aesthetics, ergonomics and production solutions on any given project. 

The client will be presented with multiple conceptual design proposals, in a photo-realistic rendering format with detailed features, and an exploded view illustrating any preliminary part breakups and manufacturing costs. This conceptual development phase is also referred to as the Industrial Design Phase.

In this phase Vertex will focus on ideation and invention and choose the correct manufacturing method for the product. We will look closely at ergonomics and human interface/interactions with the product. We will generate a number of sketches in-house and select a few concepts to present to the client.

Sometimes clients need to develop new products or they may require a new version of an existing product to keep up with the quickly changing demands of the marketplace. Alternatively, they may want to enhance one of their products in order to sell to a different target market. Whatever the reason, we have the expertise on all levels to identify and implement the broad requirements of multi-faceted projects. From new product line creation, to large government contracts, we have the capability and ability to provide state-of-the-art solutions.

The Industrial Design Team works closely with the client to research client needs and to determine product viability. We meet with the client to discuss a wide range of opportunities to find the best options available. 

Due to Vertex's experience and knowledge in design, production and planning,  we engage the client in a thorough ideation process to identify viable production concepts. We consult with our client to ensure the client's business strategies and marketing goals are clearly defined to be strategically handled throughout the entire conceptual development process.