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Touch Screen in Products

Vertex has extensive experience working with companies in the information technology industry. We have developed numerous products for this industry, including user-friendly and robust products with vandal-proof functionality that incorporate large touch screen technology and are easy to maintain.

Our knowledge of human interfaces and ergonomics, coupled with our expertise in GUI design, make Vertex an ideal partner for any company seeking highly complicated product development projects in the information technology industry.

One of our earliest experiences in information technology product design and engineering was in 1999, when we designed the K6 Internet Terminal for a company requiring product installation for shoppers to use in a mall environment. Since then, we have designed many similar products that meet the high-quality standards required in the industry.

When a company is looking to acquire high-quality technology products, our team has the knowledge and ability to create and develop whatever is needed. Contact us today to learn more about our design and engineering services for the information technology industry.