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Drawings Creation

Vertex's engineering will refine the 3-D database into comprehensive production documentation. This phase will include the creation of 2-D drawings with ANSI standard production documentation. 

This will serve as a reference for quality control, and generate a bill of materials for the entire assembly. Our documentation phase is extensive and detail oriented. It covers all components in the assembly:

  • Single part production drawing instructions
  • Sub assembly instructions
  • Full top assembly for BOM (Bill of Material), procedures

While in production, this complete set of drawings and documentation with any revisions will often be the team's only reference for checking all phases of the working model. The more accurate the drawings and documentation of revisions, the better the production run will be and the easier to determine what, if any, new revisions are required in subsequent production runs.

Whenever needed, Vertex will provide assembly instructions, test procedures and test jigs design instructions for mass production testing. We can also provide User Instructions for home assembly.